Yoga Therapy

Healing from within

Mindful awareness of the connection between our amazing human bodies, the quality of our thoughts and the conditions we live in are the focus of my Teachings  (Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Vinyasa), Osteopathy and Healing sessions.

If we want to listen and respond appropriately and compassionately to our body’s signals, we must first understand how the physical structures function and interact with each other as well as understand the language of the body.  Daily life, belief & behavior patterns as well as our emotional lives are reflected in the bones, muscles and various systems and send us a variety of signals. Pain is the most obvious signal and is the most common reason people seek help and relief.

My holistic approach to discover the origins of pain, chronic or acute, and resolve them are based in these modalities that I offer:

  • Osteopathy: structural & visceral bodywork
  • Craneo-Sacral Treatement: healing touch for deep physical & emotional injuries
  • Reiki: healing touch to balance the energetic fields of the body
  • Vinyasa Yoga: a dynamic, strengthening practice
  • Yin Yoga: a quiet, healing practice
  • Pranayama: cultivating the full potential of our breath
  • Meditation: the art to sit still and invite the mind to join body & soulWith this variety of efficient healing work,  the foundation for a basic awareness and powerful tools are set to enjoy physical and emotional health every single day:
  • Yoga Therapy: integrating all aspects of yoga to bring healing to the body, mind & spirit
  • supporting better relationships for people and their bodies
  • building deeper respect for personal rhythms and cycles
  • creating health and freedom from self-imposed limits
  • embracing self-acceptance of body and individual personality

In addition to direct body work, I also offer interactive  Yoga Therapy Workshops to teach the interconnection of bones, muscles, movements, systems and emotions.

In these sessions, I share my knowledge and passion with people to learn more about themselves and how to keep the body and mind strong and flexible while including deeper levels of how to heal the soul and bring balance and peace into daily life.

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