Free Classes

Enjoy these free videos to get a first impression of my teaching and the holistic approach to therapeutic practices. All sessions are designed to help you connect with your deepest Essence and cultivate trust into who you are and want to be.


For guided Yoga Sequences, Meditation and the work with the Feminine Archetypes and the Hormones visit my Online Studio.


5 Elements – SPACE

Yin Yoga – Morning Flow

Yin Yoga –  Courage

Yang Yoga – Kidneys

Meditation – Boundless Friendliness

Yang Yoga – Spleen & Stomach

Meditation – Gratitude

Yin Yoga – Coming Home

Meet Mirjam Wagner

Anxiety & Stress

Meditation –  Grounding

Yin Yoga – Hips

Yin Yoga – Making Decision

Yin Yoga Bhakti Summer

Yoga Therapy Rosenheim

Fascia Dance

Half Butterfly

Sphinx / Seal

Square / Shoelace

Meditation –  Uplifting