Free Lectures

I decided to put these free lectures on my website to share my passion about the miracle of life – human being, body, soul, mind, nature – with you. In these short videos (max 20 min),  you will find interesting insights about Yoga Therapy, Osteopathy, Eastern & Western approaches to the human body and emotions, Spirituality and other transformation practices.


May they inspire to stay curious and honour the miracle that we all are.


May they gently push you from behind to explore new areas & perspectives to find a life with inner peace, a healthy body, an open mind, expressed emotions & relationships with those around you.


And always remember: Be yourself, Be yourself …. everybody else is already taken!
On my Online Studio you will find more free lectures and guided Sessions for specific emotional & physical issues.


Hormones Introduction

Wise Speech

Yoga Therapy

The Fascia Dance

Fascia – The glue of our body

Eastern & Western Approaches


A Course in Miracles 2 – How to respond to Violence & Aggression

A Course in Miracles 1 – Introduction