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»My purpose is to support Healing from within by
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»Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate;
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure«


Healing from within


Most of the suffering in our modern world doesn´t come from physical trauma. Most of acute and chronic pain comes from emotional experiences and self-destructive thought patterns. When emotions are not recognized and expressed appropriately they find a way to block the life force and bring limitation and pain.


The same happens with our mind: every thought is either based on fear or on love. Both of these qualities spread their regarding energies throughout the body and can either bring great freedom and health or restriction and suffering.

What others say about me…


»Mirjam manages to combine absolute compassion and deep dedication in her teachings and how she lives and shares her work.«


Sandra Wijkeman Donovan

Studio owner, Earth Yoga Mallorca

»Mirjam possesses an innate ability to gently guide and challenge her students, enabling us to grow safely. I will always be grateful to her.«


David Holzer

Author & Founder of Yoga for Writers


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