letting go of masks

Letting go of masks

Isn´t it curious that at some moment of life we find a “mask” that makes us feel comfortable, gives us an identity and then we decide to “wear” it all the time?


…….. I am strong, I am weak, I get never sick, I can´t do anything on my own, I am always happy, I have no taste, I am clumsy, I am disciplined, I am focused, I am shy, I can´t sing, I can´t concentrate….and on and on…


But if I am the smart, controlled and always charming guy, how can I show my deepest worries or tears?


If I am the shy, always happy  and perfectly dressed girl, how do I express anger and frustration?


If I am the polite and discrete man who always shows compassion for the others, how do I deal with my own sadness and confusion?


And if I am the fiery, independent and super dynamic woman, how can I ask for support and nourishing qualities when I need them?

Of course we all need an identity, especially when we are growing up, becoming teenagers and stepping into an adult’s life. But if  we stick to this one role too long, we are missing out on so many beautiful opportunities to discover who we really are, to fully embrace and enjoy all these different emotions and to support our friends and loved ones with empathy and loving guidance while they are going through their emotional waves.


Hiding behind our masks, is like a butterfly never coming out of its chrysalis (cocoon).

caterpillar effect

Emotions are a precious quality of human beings. They leave scars in our hearts, they bring purifying tears and liberating laughter. Lived and expressed emotions make us leave footprints in our lives.  They bring people to our paths who truly care for us and love us for who we really are.


We will be remembered for what we have shown and not for what we kept hidden inside of us!


Let’s drop these masks that make us slaves of our own fears of not being good enough. The  time we are given is a short and precious gift that wants to be fully discovered and explored. Remember that the true wisdom lies in our heart, not in our mind.

Blind and courageous

Figue Diel, our wonderful Brasilian friend,  amazing  yoga teacher, passionate surfer, wonderful father and partner, lost his eye sight at age 16 in a car accident. He had to go through all those moments of despair, anger and self-pity before accepting his destiny and deal with daily life as a blind man. Today, at age 40, he is full of wisdom, pure joy and deep gratitude for his life. His teachings touch something deep inside of us and help our  unnecessary fears to fade away, making space to what really matters.


“Whatever we do, let´s be fully present, let’s do it with devotion and passion ….. And life will unfold its true beauty”