Yin Yoga – Anxiety


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When you feel

  • overwhelmed
  • worried & anxious
  • panic


Poem: ‘Connection’ by Anouk Macchetti

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For moments when excessive worrying & anxiety take over Mirjam Wagner offers this Yin Yoga Anxiety sequence as an immediate support to help us re-center, calm ourselves and connect with life’s deepest essence.


Feel safe and guided by this Yin Yoga sequence that has a strong restorative quality.

At the end of this sequence Anouk Macchetti reads her heart touching poem “Connection” – let her soothing voice lead you into a place of inner peace & trust.


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This sequence lasts only 25 minutes; however, once you get familiar with the sequence you can always adapt it to your personal needs, such as picking just one pose or staying in a pose for any amount of time that feels appropriate to you.