Yang Yoga – Liver



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To support a smooth flow of

  • the blood & qi
  • emotions & irritations
  • digestion


Music: ‘Take Refuge’ by Praful & Spirited Tribe

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This Yang Yoga Liver Sequence with Mirjam Wagner supports the liver in maintaining a smooth flow of the blood, the Qi and emotions. The liver has more than 500 vital functions to fulfill, one of which is the detoxification of the blood. The venous blood of all digestive organs is sent to the liver (portal vein) to be checked before moving on to the heart. Therefore, the liver is also called the Protector of the Heart.


An important hormone, Histamine, is broken down by the liver; therefore we can become very moody and emotionally unstable when this organ is not functioning well.


Enjoy this smooth flow while integrating breath, mindfulness & movement. You will be rewarded at the end with a Mantra & Harmonium while resting in Savasana.


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