Meditation – Trust yourself


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To help you

  • dissolve self-doubts
  • calm the mind
  • connect with your intuition


Music by Andy O’Doherty / Mallorca

Chill out tunes PEOPLETREE



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Mirjam Wagner offers this guided Meditation Trust Yourself  to bring you closer to your inherent intuition. Remember that all the answers you are looking for are already there: inside of you!


With this meditation you will find confidence; you will know in which direction to go and which choices to make.


Every Meditation Session has been developed to bring support & guidance when life overwhelms you. Psycho-emotional aspects of our being, such as Coming Home, Trust Yourself, Loving Kindness ect are being cultivated during these minute meditations.


A sequence doesn´t last longer than 12 – 15 minutes; however, once you get familiar with the healing effects of stillness you are always welcome to stay as long as you feel comfortable.


Enjoy this guided session and learn how to integrate meditation into your daily life, to get to know yourself better and become your own best friend.