Fem. Archetypes Hera


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To cultivate

  • loyalty
  • commitment
  • connection to feminine side


Music: ‘Chill out tunes PEOPLETREE’ by Andy O’Doherty / Mallorca

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The feminine archetype Hera is loyal, faithful and a hundred percent committed to her life partner and corresponding responsibilities. She can get furious and obsessively jealous. This archetype often neglects her own growth in a self-destructive way.


With calming Yin Yoga, active poses and pranayama we support her capacity for commitment and help her to get in touch with her nurturing feminine essence.


For a detailed description of this archetype visit the Feminine Archetypes in the Teaching section of my website.


This work with the 7 Greek Goddesses is based on Jean Bolen’s book ‘Goddesses in every woman’ and is a powerful tool to connect with our core essence, become aware of our qualities and talents while also working with our shadow aspects.