Yin Yoga – Making Decisions


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To help you

  • relax & connect
  • gain clarity
  • make your decision


Music by Andy O’Doherty / Mallorca

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Self-doubts as well as fear of the consequences of a decision can leave us paralyzed and prevent us from living our life at its fullest. Mirjam Wagner offers this Yin Yoga Making Decisions sequence to guide you into a place of intuitive wisdom from where you can make your choice with serenity and conviction.


The sequence doesn´t last longer than 20 – 30 minutes; however, once you get familiar with the sequence you can always adapt it to your personal needs, such as picking just one pose or staying in a pose for any amount of time that feels appropriate to you.


Every Yin Yoga Sequence has been developed to bring immediate relief when life overwhelms you. Physical and emotional issues, such as headaches, tight hamstrings, anxiety, making decisions, forgiveness ect are being addressed with 3-4 poses a sequence.


Enjoy this helpful insight why Yin Yoga is so powerful and how these mini sequences help you to deal with emotional and physical challenges that life may offer you.