Yin Yoga – Digestion


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To support your

  • digestion of food & nutrients
  • digestion of mental & energetic inputs
  • digestion of emotional events

This Yin Yoga Digestion sequence was created by Mirjam Wagner  and combines stimulating movements from the Kundalini practice with quiet and relaxing Yin poses.


It  supports the complex process of digestion; digestion of food as well as of emotional, energetic and mental inputs.

Whatever gets into our systems will need to be absorbed, processed and expelled, depending whether or not it is useful for our well-being or toxic.


While we are in relaxing Yin yoga poses we get the opportunity to become aware of what we are taking in, what we can use and what does not serve us any longer which then is related to letting go.


Enjoy this soothing practice and befriend the different reactions of your body to all the experiences life offers you.


For more guided Sequences visit my website: yogatherapymallorca.com/onlinestudio/