Yin Yoga – Feminine Essence


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To connect you with

  • the feminine aspects
  • your sacred intuition
  • an innate wilderness


Music: ‘Sound of Soulence’ by Iris von Boyen & David Ma

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Poem: ‘Passion’ by Anouk Macchetti

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This Yin Yoga Feminine Essence sequence was created by Mirjam Wagner to enhance the connection to your feminine aspects, your sacred intuition and the wilder aspects in you.  Whether you are in a phase of blossoming, pregnancy, motherhood, menopause or other times of transformation in your life, this sequence offers immediate support and comfort on many levels.


This sequence invites you to soften, to go into the dark and connect with those parts of you who are not afraid to let go, to stand up and to follow your own way.


Be patient, be kind and, if necessary, be strong and wild enough to destroy the old and create space for some new energy into your life.


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