Yin Yoga – For Men



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To relax

  • hamstrings & lower back
  • chest & shoulder muscles
  • a competitive mind


Poem: ‘Vulnerable’ by Anouk Macchetti

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This Yin Yoga for Men sequence was created by Mirjam Wagner to respond to the special needs of a masculine body. Hamstrings, lower back and the chest get our full attention. We learn to find our first edge (resistance) while learning to allow ourselves to simply wait for the invitation to go deeper.

This sequence also invites the more competitive aspect of us to surrender and befriend the aspects of stillness and  ‘to be’ rather than ‘to do and to deliver’.


The beautiful poem ‘Vulnerable’ from my dear friend Anouk Macchetti brings a special touch of embracing energy into this sequence.


May you find ease and relaxation in these thirty minutes and get to know yourself better while discovering different parts of yourself that are longing to be expressed and cultivated.


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