Yin Yoga – Releasing Anger


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Find support for moments of


  • Change
  • New Challenges
  • Uncertainty


This Yin Yoga – Releasing Anger invites us to a more kind relationship towards anger. First, this important and strong emotions needs to be recognized when and where it comes up in the body.

Only then can we befriend it, finding ways to express anger in a way, that is least harmful – although we need to know that expressing anger can provoke aversion or rejection in other people.

However, if we do not create a healthy relationship to anger, and instead repress or suppress it, it will find its way to the surface sooner or later and will then be most likely quite destructive.

Allow this sequence to look & recognize anger in your life so that it can transform this destructive force into some new and creative aspects.


Feel loved and supported throughout your days.


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