Yin Yoga – Spleen & Stomach


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To support

  • good digestion
  • feeling grounded and at ease
  • thinking clearly

This Yin & movement sequence for the Spleen & Stomach was created by Mirjam Wagner to support a smooth digestion of nutrients as well as emotional and mental input.

Both organs have an important function in the transformation & transportation of food. Also, they influence our feeling of being at ease with ourselves, no matter where and with whom we are.

Clear thinking, focused & grounded are some of the qualities that these two organs are related with.

Dampness is their biggest enemy – which are all things that shouldn´t be in a certain place and attract too much water. With precise movement we will unblock this stagnation and help distribute the Qi while being in relaxing Yin Yoga poses.

Enjoy the powerful movements to clear Spleen & Stomach Qi and relax fully in the Yin poses .

For more guided Sequences visit my website: https://www.yogatherapymallorca.com/onlinestudio/