Dissection course with Gil Hedley

Strolling under The Skin

10 days of studying Human Anatomy with Gil Hedley & Julian Baker took away from me everything I believed in, any module I had been holding on so tight and gave me this instead:

“If I were a musician, I would play Mozart to start this journey through the human form, from the skin to the heart. I would use soft notes, almost a whisper while finding my way through darkness and light, into more deeper, secret realms of my life.

If I were a painter, I would use every color of this world to draw the layers within us, around us, in nature, in bodies, in the moon, in the stars. They would be strong and loud, they would be full and warm and smooth and soft and transparent…. Dancing with each other, making any transition invisible.

If I were a dancer, I would dance Flamenco and Tango and Samba and Waltz… to slide down the organs, each one at a time, in intimate relationship, completely free and at the same time in perfect harmony.

If I were pure material, I would simply be bones, solid and safe, protecting and firm, apparently dead but incredibly alive.

If I were a butterfly I would sit on my heart, stopping my wings, listening in awe to the smoothing beat of that melody that we are.

If I were an emotion, I would be pure joy, offering my tears of devotion to this breathtaking structure, the brain, that lays so vulnerable within bony caves while floating peacefully in a lukewarm pool

There are no words, nor emotions nor thoughts that may express the beauty and wonder I saw. I simply stop striving, and trying and holding tight and start to surrender, get fluid and light

Let the river of life take over and guide me so that all gets revealed, unwrapped and unsealed and I dissolve within a space with no limits no boundaries, while laughing and dancing and praying and wondering.”