After almost 20 years of profound studies and experience with lots of different patients and students, I am more passionate than ever about what I am doing! Whether I am giving sessions in the soothing ambiance of a treatment room, guiding big groups into a deeper connection to themselves or simply supporting personal growth, the purpose is always the same:


“To support healing from within”


Yoga as ancient tradition helps us to align body, mind and soul. Osteopathy & Chinese Medicine both work directly with our life force (Qi) and the places in the body where energy, emotions and thoughts can get stuck. And working with the Feminine Archetypes in form of Greek Goddesses gives us direct access to our core essence, to the light and shadow aspects of our personality. All my teaching is based on Buddhism and the principles of A Course in Miracles.


“It is crucial for our healing and the global healing process to understand who we are, what our place is and which purpose we have to fulfill in this world. “



Aligning body, mind & soul through Asana, Pranayama & Meditation



Bringing release to acute & chronic suffering through appropriate treatment


Feminine Archetypes

Finding liberation & purpose through conscious awareness of our light & shadows


What others say about me…


»In teaching “A Balanced Approach” I could ask for no more perfect of a co-teacher & partner than Mirjam. She softens the edges, brings empathy, depth and an amazing amount of wisdom to her teachings. I have seen her grow as a teacher to our students supporting healing from within to also become one of my teachers of life. I am deeply honored, humbled and grateful to share this path with her.«


David Lurey

Co-Teacher & Husband