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Chinese Medicine

The beauty and perfection of the divine intelligence is constantly demonstrated by the thousands of miracles that happen every second in our human bodies. Both, Osteopathy & Chinese Medicine respect this inherent connection between physical & spiritual aspect.


This amazing mix of connective tissue, muscles, organs and fluids provides us with structure, movement and vitality while the vast network of blood vessels, the nervous & endocrine system communicates to the rest of the body with a precision far beyond our mental comprehension.


“Stopping, calming and resting are preconditions for healing”



Without being noticed by us, our body reacts to every single experience we go through and constantly makes vital decisions to adapt to different circumstances. The body communicates with us through physical sensations such as free flow of breath and energy when relaxed; contracted muscles and restricted range of movement when anxious or worried; high blood pressure and an accelerated heart beat when excited; irritated skin and bad digestion when ingesting toxic substances or holding on to negative thought patterns.


Pain has the capacity to travel along the fascial network of the body; therefore symptoms and place of origin can be far away from one another. The challenge lies in finding the origin of pain and restrictions so they can be treated in an appropriate way.


Osteopathy & Fascia Therapy work with quite a complete range of tools: physical and emotional traumas are taken into consideration as well as belief patterns and life style when looking for a diagnosis. Contracted muscles and fasciae are released through deep massage, bones that have moved out of their natural cavities are invited back into their original place; we manipulate organs in a very subtle way so they can function properly again; and through a very delicate yet powerful craneo-sacral treatment we release old emotional wounds and therefore actively support the inherent healing process of body, soul & mind.


“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.”


Chinese Medicine

I first came into contact with Chinese Medicine some years ago when I was studying Yin Yoga in relationship to the holistic health of human organs. I discovered that each organ is related to specific energetic, emotional and mental qualities that can be supported by appropriate Yin Yoga poses. By putting the fascia of a certain part of the body under tension we stimulate the energy channels (meridians) through which life force (Qi) flows, nourishing and supporting the organs in their vital functions.

In ‘The Web that has no weaver’ Ted J. Kapchuk describes in a very simple and fascinating way how Chinese Medicine differs from Modern Medicine. This book built the foundation for my understanding and passion for this ancient approach to physical and emotional health.


Dr. Daniel Keown, a Western and Chinese doctor, takes it a step further. In ‘The Spark in the Machine’ he reveals clear scientific explanations for the mystique of the Chinese Tradition and brings in precise knowledge of the endocrine system (hormones), embryology and the fascial network. In a simple and fun way he presents the clear link between both traditions; both talk about exactly the same processes and connections, they just use different terminology and logical patterns. His riveting and logical approach to these two very valid Medical traditions was life changing for me. I enrolled in Dan Keown’s School for Scientific and Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture (S.S.O.M.A) in London and have been a dedicated student and practitioner since then.

“Qi is too broad to be a substance, it is more a concept which is one reason why Western science has struggled to pin it down”

Dr. Daniel Keown

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